About Spend Your Stimulus

Millions of Americans are going through a really rough patch due to COVID-19. Many are reeling from the mental or physical impacts the virus has had on them personally, or their loved ones. And many more are facing financial stress due to joblessness and decreases in consumer spending.

Whatever your personal opinion of the government, the stimulus program is designed as a way to inject money back into the economy. Which, in turn, can help local communities and small businesses survive this crisis. The only catch? For it to work, and get the desired help to those in need, we’ve got to spend that stimmy instead of stowing it away.

So we created spendyourstimulus.com to inspire those who can afford to spend their stimulus to, well, spend their stimulus. We want to encourage people to spend a little bit (or hell, even a lotta bit…) of their stimulus check to help support community members and small businesses that might be struggling right now.

If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 or need a little help right now, please check out some of the resources we’ve compiled.